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modifying is not required

Updated: Feb 11

A quote by American Psychologist Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers, an American psychologist, was onto something when he inked these words.

For the people in our lives, what gets in the way of letting them be who they are as human beings? What do we need to watch out for on our side of the street? I've provided a list below of warning signs to watch out for when interacting with those in our lives.

  1. Judgementalism

  2. Lack of love

  3. Assumptions that are kept internally or verbalized

  4. Expectations

  5. Hostility

  6. Taking someone hostage in conversation

  7. Demanding perfectionism

  8. Racism

  9. Sexism

  10. Cultural stereotypes/stigma/prejudice

  11. Homophobia

  12. Ethnocentrism

  13. Harassment in all its forms

  14. Inappropriate expression of anger

  15. Ageism

  16. Microaggressions in the workplace, public events, etc.

  17. Throwing shameballs (ridiculing someone and saying how bad they are as a person).

  18. Criticism that's not constructive

A person has so much to offer as their journey unfolds around them. They can offer hope. They can show perseverance. They can show how to live a life where resilience illuminates the darkness. They can advocate for those whose voice isn't heard. They can speak where others have been silenced. They can show how to love through deeds without any desire for payment. A person can give grace. They can bestow goodness. They can help quench the fiery darts of shame by connecting with someone in a loving manner.

Modifying others to fit our perceived notions is not required.

I am sure many more could be added to the list above. You are welcome to give others that come to your mind in the comments section below. Watch those beautiful sunsets unfold.

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