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Mbti consultant information: General details and steps.

The MBTI, or Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is a well-known and highly regarded personality instrument used over 70 years of research. The instrument is designed to help someone gain insight into their personality preferences. Scores on the MBTI do not give information on a person’s strengths or weaknesses. Rather, the MBTI scores reflect a person’s confidence in the accuracy of their results. The instrument does not measure how much of something you possess or how adequately you do an activity or task. The results are practical and useful for everyday life with relationships, family, work, and self-growth. A key component of the MBTI is that the instrument only looks at normal behaviour. It is not a diagnostic tool for psychiatric disorders.


There are 16 personality type combinations. No personality type combination is any better or worse than the others. The MBTI can help someone learn how to deal with change, manage conflict, and communicate more effectively based on their personality type. As a Certified MBTI Practitioner, I can administer the assessment and the reports. 



The steps for the MBTI consulting process are outlined below.
1 / Initial Contact

An initial consultation will be done to see if I am able to meet your needs in regard to acting as an MBTI consultant. This could be for personal development, couples therapy, or for organizational groups or teams. The meet and greet will see if we will be able to collaborate together in a mutually beneficial way.

2 / Determine MBTI Type

If it is determined that I am a good fit and that we can work together, then we will determine what type of MBTI assessment will be done. There are two different assessments: Basic and Detailed. The pricing depends on the type and detail of the report. The most detailed report will be 17 pages in length.

3 / MBTI Instrument Payment & Delivery

After the type of report is agreed upon and payment is sent electronically, the MBTI consultant will send via email the MBTI to be completed through an online portal.

4 / Results Review

The MBTI results are sent directly to me on a secure website. I will review the results after the participant has completed the MBTI. Afterwards, I will arrange to set up a feedback counselling session with the participant for either 60 or 90 minutes.

5 / Feedback Counselling Session

During the feedback session, the participant will receive their self-scored personality type followed by their reported type (what they scored on the MBTI). These two outcomes, what they came to in the session for a personality type and what the online results showed, will be discussed to see how the participant feels about the results. Allowing the participant to arrive at their conclusion on their personality type empowers them to take ownership of their self-awareness and encourages further personal growth.


The results of the assessment will be revealed during the feedback session. A physical copy of the results will be given to you during the feedback session, and a digital copy will be emailed to you for your records.

I am able to request different reports based on the participant’s request for a preferred personality type.

Please understand that the MBTI does not measure performance and to what degree someone has a particular skill or trait. The inventory is not to be used for job recruiting purposes.  


Prices for the different MBTI reports:

Please note that each credit on the website amounts to $1.00 CAD.


Further information on the MBTI:


Please let me know how I can best support you with the MBTI for your personal growth, career development, couples therapy supplement, leadership development, or for your organization/team/work group. 

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