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Counselling resources for various topics

Although self-help resources cannot replace a professional assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, they can certainly be a wonderful supplement during someone’s journey with self-growth. Resources can also assist in identifying how professional counselling could be beneficial. I hope you find some useful resources that will benefit you.


bipolar disorder

‘An Unquiet Mind’ by Kay Redfield Jamison. A great book based on a psychologist’s personal memoir involving her experience with Bipolar Disorder. 


“The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, 3rd Edition” by David J. Miklowitz, Ph.D.

community support

Alcoholics Anonymous.


Narcotics Anonymous.


Gamblers Anonymous.


Overeaters Anonymous resource - (a quiz to determine if the program is a good fit for you) 


Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous -

Al-Anon -


Co-Dependents Anonymous -


Emotions Anonymous -


Workaholics Anonymous -


SMART Recovery.


Recovery Dharma.


In The Rooms. An online recovery community.

Together all ( An Albertan virtual community for people to get peer support for mental health concerns. 

Harmonized Health.

codepencency resources

‘Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself’ by Melanie Beattie


‘Prodependency: Moving Beyond Codependency’ by Robert Weiss, Corey Gagne, et al.

Candace Plattor’s website -

'Codependency Recovery Workbook' by Linda Hill.

counselling therapies resources

‘Counseling with Choice Theory: The New Reality Therapy’ by William Glasser, M.D.

‘Counseling Insights’ by Vicki Enns et al. (multiple authors)


‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Mindfulness’ by Olivia Telford 


‘Get out of Your Mind and Into Your Life Workbook’ by Steven Hayes


DBT Tools website - - EMDR’s International Association - Accelerated Resolution Therapy’s main website - International Society of Accelerated Resolution Therapy

eating disorders

Katie Poirier - Registered Psychologist specializing in eating disorders - 


Skills Group for Eating Disorders - - Available to residents of Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. 


Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta -


‘Atlas Of The Heart’ by Brene Brown 


‘Happiness Trap’ by Russ Harris 


‘Feeling Good’ and ‘The Feeling Good Handbook’ by David Burns.


‘Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks Fast’ by Barry McDonagh


‘Anxiety RX: A New Prescription for Anxiety from the Doctor Who Created It’ by Dr. Russell Kennedy, M.D. 


'Man's Search for Meaning’ by Viktor Frankl


‘The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself’ by Michael Alan Singer. 

'Existential Psychotherapy' by Irvin Yalom.


Quiet Pathways - Tracy Guillet - - A good blog with many articles on introversion regarding teens and adults.

'Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking' by Susan Cain


‘The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma" by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.


‘It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle"  by Mark Wolynn 


'Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma' by Peter Levine and Ann Frederick 

"When the Body Says No" by Gabor Maté

"The Myth of Normal" by Gabor Maté


'The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe' by Stephen Porges, Phd.

mindfulness & meditation

‘Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness” by Jon Kabat-Zinn


The 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness by Jon Kabat Zinn - Youtube video presentation


Insight Timer - a great website for guided meditations. Also, an app.


The Calm app - 

"The Pain Management Workbook: Powerful CBT and Mindfulness Skills to Take Control of Pain and Reclaim Your Life" - Rachel Zoffness

personal development

‘Learned Optimism’ by Martin E. P. Seligman


‘Surrounded By Psychopaths’ by Thomas Erikson


'Daring Greatly' by Brené Brown


John Gottman’s resources are highly recommended for learning more about what composes a healthy relationship.


‘Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work’ by John Gottman.


‘After the Fight’ by Daniel Wile.


‘Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents” by Lindsay Gibson.


‘The Power of Attachment’ by Diane Poole Heller.

substance Use

'12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery' by Allen Berger, Ph.D. 


'12 Smart Things To Do When the Booze and Drugs Are Gone: Choosing Emotional Sobriety through Awareness and Right Action' by Allen Berger, Ph.D. 


'12 More Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery' by Allen Berger, Ph.D.


'12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends' by Allen Berger, Ph.D.


Dr. Kevin McCauley. “Pleasure Unwoven” documentary.

'The Recovery Book' by Al J. Mooney.

'Love, The Drug' by Paige Abbott, Raju Hajela, et al. 


‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts’ by Gabor Maté.

"Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance in the Age of Indulgence" by Dr. Anna Lembke. 


‘The Book of Woe: The DSM and the Unmaking of Psychiatry’ by Gary Greenberg


'Psychology for Screenwriters' by William Indick

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