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thoughts on life - restaurant napkin-style

Life is...

A magician who reveals the secrets to his tricks. Now, there are no experiences to undergo.

A drug store that lends out brand-name prescriptions at a discount cost. Nothing is as it seems.

A clown without makeup. What was once a secret is now public to everyone; it is no longer a laughing matter.

A symphony composed inside a glowing cavern. We keep our most intense passions within our hearts.

A fish willing to sacrifice his life on a tempestuous sea. A close friend may be willing to lay down their life for ours.

A book read outside on a stormy night. The words don’t know which raindrop will splatter their inky essence, and the rain barely remembers where it splashed.

A mountain with no peak in plain sight. We keep following the trail and almost find the top, but there is always more territory to hike.

An obstacle worth jumping over. The race proves beneficial even before the conclusion is exposed.

A homeless man on the street reading an outdated newspaper. We are all connected somehow and inspire others in our lives.

A drummer boy during a Civil War battle. The drums beat to death pangs and the call to escape from suffering.

A baby taking her very first breath. One of many for which the baby will be grateful.

A chest full of exotic wonders. A primary way to find passion is to search.

An aggressive volcano ready to emit. Sometimes, we can’t deal with our volatile emotions until they arrive at full speed.

A beach at sunset. There are moments in our lives we wish could last forever.

An hourglass showing how much time is left.
An hourglass showcasing the time that is left.

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